Chimney Repair


New Jersey



We carefully examined the bricks because chimney construction requires strong, well-maintained brickwork. We replaced damaged bricks with high-quality, durable materials. Restoring the brickwork strengthened the chimney and improved its appearance.

Chimney Repair Project

In August 2022, Cambridge Roof Repair completed a chimney repair project. The chimney’s brickwork and repointing were the project’s main concerns. Our experts delivered excellent results, ensuring the chimney’s functionality, safety, and aesthetic appeal. The chimney we repaired was about 60 square feet. The project took two weeks, allowing us to efficiently fix the brickwork and repoint while ensuring quality.

Clear communication and customer satisfaction were our priorities throughout the project. Our dedicated team meticulously completed the repairs. We made the chimney functional and attractive for our client by combining our expertise and quality.

Repointing restores weathered mortar joints between bricks. The chimney’s mortar joints were carefully examined by our skilled craftsmen. We replaced deteriorated mortar with new mortar that matched the original design using specialized tools and expertise. This process strengthened the chimney and prevented water infiltration, ensuring its long-term durability.