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slate and tile roofing projects

Slate And Tile Roofing Project

We are pleased to present Cambridge Roof Repair April 2021 slate and tile roofing project. This project addressed critical underlayment, broken slates and tiles, and snow guard issues. Our skilled workers ensured the roofing system’s durability and beauty. The project’s roof covered 2,800 square feet. We fixed the above issues on 2,000 square feet of the roof.

slate and tile roofing projects

We carefully examined the underlayment material, knowing its importance. We replaced damaged underlayment with high-quality underlayment because it protects against moisture and strengthens the roof. We strengthened the underlayment to weatherproof our client’s home.

slate and tile roofing projects
slate and tile roofing projects

Our skilled roof inspectors found broken slates and tiles. To maintain the roof’s aesthetics, we carefully replaced broken slates and tiles with new ones. This restoration improved the roof’s appearance, functionality, and weatherproofing.

slate and tile roofing projects

Snow guards protect people and property from snow avalanches in heavy snowfall areas. We strategically installed snow guards on the roof to keep snow from sliding. This added protection from snow damage.

This extensive slate and tile roofing project took four weeks to repair. Our dedicated team completed the project on time with the highest quality and attention to detail.